In general

Headache and Migraine is a painful and awful experience for the person

Most of us who have no experience with a headache before. When you experience a severe headache, the first thing you have to find out is the cause. The headache is not one of the serious problems or life-threatening conditions like tumours or a brain haemorrhage (internal bleeding) is a type of stroke.

If you have a severe headache with one or more combination of the following symptoms, Seizures, Weakness in an arm or leg, Nausea or vomiting, Changes in vision, loss of balance. You should go to the hospital immediately for a check-up to ensure your conditions. A headache like a Migraine, from tiredness, or a chronic headache that you experience and can not find any cause or diagnosed as Office Syndrome. Yurashi Bangkok can relieve your pain.

Yurashi Gentle Touch Therapy

Majority of the people who experience with the headache before. They will go for pain-killer as their first options without finding out what is the root cause.

Cause of Headache and Migraine are the results from the abnormal muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, which could misalignment of the Cervical Vertebrae. Furthermore, with abnormal tension of muscles around the neck and shoulders area will result in bad blood circulations.

Because the neck and shoulder area is the path of blood flow to the brain, with insufficient blood supply to the brain. Lack of oxygen condition can cause anaemia. The headache is a warning signalling that the brain lacks oxygen. The abnormal twisting of the spine in the neck area. Can be adjusted by relaxing the neck and shoulder muscles with the technique of Yurashi Gentle Touch Therapy.

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